Stressed? Austin “Playcare” Offers Fun for Kids while Moms Sit Back and Relax!

December 18, 2011by Brian Talley

west austin child careDo you and your child need a haven from the rush of holiday madness? Like a number of local businesses offering “playcare” for kids, Gorgeous Millie makes a ‘day in the life’ easier for mom – and delightful for her rambunctious toddler.

Imagine this scenario, all too familiar-sounding to a mother:

Mom is up at 4am because the two-year-old has night terrors again. The dishwasher breaks, just when she finally has her three children dressed, packed, and ready for school at seven, spilling soapy spaghetti water all over the kitchen and dining room floor. On the way to Eanes ISD, minutes before the tardy bell, the family gets pulled over for a California stop while buses and carpool vans full of kids pass by, laughing and pointing (of course, it’s the one day Mom’s in a robe and curlers!) Two hours and a phone call with bad news later, the two-year-old is finally down for a nap, and with the 45 minutes finally for herself, Mom is mopping the kitchen floor, still waiting for the repairman. At this point, she breaks down in tears, and with all the composure she can muster, calls her best friend and manages to get out two words — “Gorgeous Millie?” With tacit understanding, it’s a plan. The women meet up in West Austin for their ritualistic “Millie Time”, and for a blissful hour before the older kids get out from school, they sit back, drink earl grey tea, and watch their toddlers live out tiny fantasies in a wonderland of toys, playmates, and teacher-led learning. Meanwhile, they take time just for themselves to relax, recharge, and connect.

west austin child careSound too good to be true? Wonderfully, Gorgeous Millie (GM) is all this, and more. It’s a dream realized for co-founder J.C. Conklin, who set out with friend and business partner Laura Jacks to create a haven of community and comfort finally designed for children and their parents! Here’s the story, according to Conklin: “Gorgeous Millie is like a pre preschool for babies and toddlers. We change the setting every week, have art, dramatic play, and music. We incorporate the latest education theory for each set. Moms can relax, grab a cup of coffee and compare notes on everything from diaper rash to work-out routines!”

The cost of parent-child bliss? Monthly tuition for GM is $225 for two mornings a week from 9-12 noon or $100 for two afternoons 3-5 pm, plus perks. Have a sitter or family member caring for your child? Sign in online to observe real-time video of interactions between caretaker and child.

Looking for the perfect place for your next toddler birthday party? At Gorgeous Millie, families can rent the entire facility for 2 hours for $200, and pick from six custom themes like “Gingerbread Houses”, “Construction,” and “Fancy Nancy!”

Interested in carving out some “Millie Time” of your own? To learn more, check out their website or stop by for a visit before they break for the holiday. Give a gift to yourself this Christmas!  Your children will be overjoyed.

west austin child careGorgeous Millie is located near Davenport Ranch at the intersection of Westlake Dr. and Capital of Texas Highway (aka, Loop 360) in the Davenport Village Shopping Center. The address is 3801 Capital of Texas Highway, Austin, TX 78746.

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