Making a Difference: Austin Yoga Instructor Christina Hart

February 1, 2012by Brian Talley

yoga austinIn Southwest Austin, a class instructor at Gold’s Gym appears to be changing student’s lives, one yoga class at a time. She’s an Austinite making a difference, and we at Regent wanted to learn more.


“When I walked into Christina Hart’s class, I was not expecting much,” confesses Mary, a lawyer from Legend Oaks who catches Christina’s class on her lunch break. “Having attended classes at yoga studios across the metro area, I was prepared to find a gym instructor with basic-level training.” Her face brightens into wide smile. “But what I experienced in that first class blew me away. It was profound. Christina took the practice to a level of awareness and healing I had never experienced! I’ve been attending weekly every since.”


austin yoga instructorsWhat is it that inspires Christina to make such a difference? Read on as we ask Hart about her story.


1. Can you tell us your story? What led you to yoga?


I grew up in a home with an alcoholic father. As a way to cope and heal, I always found comfort in art and in nature. That’s when I originally learned how to connect with my true self. After high school, I attended college (where I first experienced Yoga) and got my BA in Advertising. After college, I worked in the fast-paced advertising corporate world for several years. It was then, in the midst of stress and pressure, that I found myself searching for space and a healing release. And, it was then that Yoga came back into my life and saved me. Yoga did for me what art and nature had done for me as a child; it provided an outlet and a way to be still and connect with my true intention and true self. It was in those quiet post-Yoga moments that I began to listen and know that my path needed to change course. So I decided to leave the corporate world and attain my Yoga Instructor certification. It was the boldest, scariest, and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


2. How about your practice: What is your goal in your teaching others?


austin gymsWhen teaching, my goal is for each student to have their own empowered healing practice. I have so many students come to me with lower back or hip pain, for instance, and it’s so wonderful when the practice of Yoga allows them to find power over their own bodies. I’ve seen so many students find healing both physically as well as emotionally, and that to me is where it’s at. My wish for each student is to first learn to flow with the breath, practice with focus and intention, then learn to walk with a deep sense of grace and gratitude and, in turn, reap the blessings of connecting with oneself on a deep, honest, and healing level.


3. What do you love most about the practice of yoga?


I love how the practice of Yoga incorporates not just the body, but the total self. The mind, body and spirit. And that’s where the healing and bliss comes in.


4. What you love about Austin?


Austin is such an open place. The people, art, music, food, culture and energy make for a vibrantly alive city. It’s contagious! And I feel blessed to live in such a place.


It is people like Christina Hart who make Austin one of the best places in Texas to live. Interested in taking a class? She is in her 3rd term of pregnancy so act now before she goes on maternity leave!


Christina’s yoga class is on Tuesdays at 12:15p.m. at the Gold’s Gym on the Circle C side of town. If you need the street address, it’s 4404 W. William Cannon Dr. Austin, TX 78749. The gym is just west of Loop 1 on William Cannon Drive. Enjoy, and…




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