Building an Outdoor Kitchen in Austin

April 28, 2012by Brian Talley

Austin is a city where residents can live outdoors all year round. Hiking trails near Barton Creek, swimming pools in neighborhoods like Circle C, and balconies and back patios on both starter and Austin luxury homes are a few of the ways Austinites make the most of their nearly year-round temperate weather. Another way homeowners can maximize enjoyment of warm temperatures is to build an outdoor kitchen behind a house.

An outdoor kitchen has all of the amenities of the indoor kitchen, including cooking surfaces, refrigerators, sinks, and cabinetry, with the extra-protection of being water proofed to keep it safe during rain. A barbecue grill is the centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen and can be customized to suit any homeowner’s needs. Outdoor kitchens typically are designed to mimic the flow of an indoor kitchen but customized to blend into the natural elements of the patio and yard.

Below is a list of things to consider including when planning your own outdoor kitchen:

–  A barbecue grill
–  A fireplace where family and friends can congregate, sit around, or roast marshmallows
–  A firepit that can be used to heat chilly nights or to cook with a rotisserie, skewers or a grill set over the open flame
–  An outdoor oven like a brick or stone pizza oven
–  Countertops made of brick or stone
–  Water proofed storage cabinets
–  Large sink
–  Shade cover
–  Non-stick floor cover, like rough stone
–  Grill accessories that may include a griddle and baskets for grilling fish and vegetables
–  Quality lighting to illuminate the cook’s work area
–  Patio heaters if you plan to use the space during the cooler months
–  An exhaust hood to keep smoke away from diners
–  Electrical outlets for using small appliances
–  A refrigerator for keeping food cold until it’s time to cook
–  An ice machine
–  Wine storage

For help designing an outdoor kitchen, Austin has several local businesses that specialize in outdoor luxury living amenities, like Austin Outdoor Kitchens and Anderson Landscapes. An Austin realtor can help you find a home that either already has an outdoor kitchen in place, or a home that has an ideal layout for installing an outdoor kitchen.