City of Austin Announces 2013 Cultural Arts Funding Awards

October 14, 2012by Brian Talley

ballet austinIt’s no secret that Austin, Texas is an arts-friendly town. From Austin City Limits to South By Southwest, the city is a mecca for artists, from movie-makers and musicians to poets and Latin dancers. In 2009, Austin ranked #15 Top Art Destination in the Country (AmericanStyle Magazine). This characterization comes as no accident, however: the Texas capital is an arts-friendly city by design.

The City of Austin provides a bountiful array of cultural arts programs for the Austin community by contracting with hundreds of local non-profit arts organizations, like the Children’s Museum in Central Austin and Lake Austin’s Laguna Gloria (which provides art classes for every age level by the hundreds every year). These contracts, referred to as Cultural Contracts, reward deserving arts organization applicants with funding support in exchange for unique artistic services.

Regent Property Group would like to congratulate each of the 250+ artistic contractors awarded 2013 funding in October by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin. From the Austin International Poetry Festival, Ballet Austin, and Conspirare to Channel Austin, the Mexic-Arte Museum, and Zachary Scott Theatre — thank you for making Austin one of America’s most artistic and art-loving cities. Best of luck in 2013!



[table sort=”asc”]
Organization, Funding
Academia (Aztlan) De Danza Y Folklore, $11713
Aienla Project aka Aienla Project Ltd. Co., $3175
Allison Orr Dance Inc, $30914
American Repertory Ensemble, $12900
Anthropos Arts, $45432
Arc of the Capital Area (The), $21800
Ariel Dance Theatre, $19750
Austin Celtic Association Inc. aka Austin Celtic Association, $48500
Austin Center for Photography, $4900
Austin Chamber Ensemble, $6288
Austin Chamber Music Center Inc. aka Austin Chamber Music Center, $72500
Austin Children’s Museum, $175000
Austin Civic Chorus a/k/a Chorus Austin, $38500
Austin Civic Orchestra Society, $21400
Austin Civic Wind Ensemble, $4239
Austin Classical Guitar, $96381
Austin Community Foundation, $12857
Austin Bike Zoo (Sponsored Project), $12857
Austin Community Steelband, $22300
Austin Creative Alliance, $256480
Austin Creative Alliance (Applicant Project), $121400
a chick & a dude productions (Sponsored Project), $2997
Anuradha Naimpally (Sponsored Project), $11000
Art on the Way (Sponsored Project), $5774
Austin Children’s Theater (Sponsored Project), $6450
Balcones Community Orchestra (Sponsored Project), $9600
Breaking String Theater Co. (Sponsored Project), $11400
Buzz Productions (Sponsored Project), $7800
Conspire Theatre (Sponsored Project), $1531
Crank Collective (Sponsored Project), $3125
Derek Kolluri (Sponsored Project), $4100
DYStheatre (Sponsored Project), $1009
Glass Half Full Theatre (Sponsored Project), $2656
Jason Neulander (Sponsored Project), $5000
Kara White (Sponsored Project), $3188
La Follia Austin Baroque (Sponsored Project), $9954
Paper Chairs (Sponsored Project), $11800
Ready|Set|Go! (Sponsored Project), $1400
Screen Door Film (Sponsored Project), $1000
Shrewd Productions (Sponsored Project), $10396
The Baron’s Men (Sponsored Project), $1000
The City Theatre Company (Sponsored Project), $13300
Tongue & Groove Theatre (Sponsored Project), $10600
Austin Federation of Musicians, $22750
Austin Film Festival Inc., $150000
Austin Film Society, $194695
AFS (Applicant Project), $161250
Anne Lewis (Sponsored Project), $13594
Karen Kocher (Sponsored Project), $5651
Karen Skloss (Sponsored Project), $14200
Austin Fine Arts Alliance Inc. AKA Art Alliance Austin, $75000
Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, $53700
Austin Jazz Workshop Inc. aka Austin Jazz Workshop, $41100
Austin Latino Music Assn, $7600
Austin Latino/A Lesbian & Gay Organization, $50221
Austin Lyric Opera, $144750
Austin Museum of Art – Arthouse Inc., $155750
Austin Museum of Digital Art, $8270
Austin Music Foundation, $46907
Austin New Music Corporation aka Austin New Music Co-op, $5421
Austin Playhouse, $70000
Austin Poetry Society, $2400
Austin Poets International Inc., $10533
Austin Polish Society, $7109
Austin Scottish Rite Community & Children’s Theatre Inc, $50000
Austin Script Works aka Austin Scriptworks, $21850
Austin Shakespeare Festival Co. Inc., $65000
Austin Summer Musical for Children, $11521
Austin Symphonic Band, $16714
Austin Symphony Orchestra Society Inc, $164000
Austin Theatre Alliance (The), $172250
Austin Visual Arts Association, $45097
AVAA (Applicant Project), $37847
Dr. Christopher Adejumo (Sponsored Project), $7250
Badgerdog Literary Publishing Inc. aka Badgerdog Literary Publishing, $75000
Ballet Austin Inc. aka Ballet Austin, $164000
Ballet East Dance Company, $43230
Ballet East (Applicant Project), $38500
VOICE Dance Company (Sponsored Project), $4730
Big Medium, $58700
Big Medium (Applicant Project), $53700
Pastelegram (Sponsored Project), $5000
Blue Lapis Light Inc aka Blue Lapis Light, $64590
Borderlands Texas Poetry aka/ Borderlands Texas Poetry Review, $6525
Capital City Men’s Chorus, $11556
Capital of Texas Public Telecommunications Council, $19800
Capitol Broadcasting Assn. Inc., $4900
Capitol View Arts, $4003
Celtic Cultural Center of Texas aka Celtic Culture Center, $16200
Center for Mexican American Cultural Arts Inc., $1575
Center for Women and Their Work aka Women & Their Work (Center For), $202595
WTW (Applicant Project), $72500
Art of the Pot (Sponsored Project), $4400
Asian American Community Partnership (Sponsored Project), $9603
Austin Area Art from the Streets (Sponsored Project), $15000
Bennie Klain/TricksterFilms LLC (Sponsored Project), $12200
Christopher Cogburn (Sponsored Project), $13000
Denise Prince (Sponsored Project), $5000
Erin Curtis (Sponsored Project), $4700
Glass Ceiling (Sponsored Project), $2694
Gopher Projects (Sponsored Project), $4063
Heloise Gold (Sponsored Project), $4600
Jayson Oaks (Sponsored Project), $10000
Julie Nathanielsz (Sponsored Project), $4300
Kalalaya (Sponsored Project), $1000
katherine terumi shorb (Sponsored Project), $4083
Lauren Gurgiolo (Sponsored Project), $4700
Nancy Schiesari (Sponsored Project), $12600
Quixote Entertainment (Sponsored Project), $3900
Shay Ishii Dance Company (Sponsored Project), $5875
Women Printmakers of Austin (Sponsored Project), $8377
Center Stage Texas, $18700
Chaddick Dance Company, $4050
Chautauqua Foundation Inc., $12600
Bill Oliver (Sponsored Project), $12600
Cine Las Americas, $55000
Classical Guitar Alive, $17348
Co-Lab Projects, $13951
Conservatory Dance Theatre (The) dba The Austin City Ballet, $14500
Conspirare Inc., $158500
Dance International, $20339
Dance Umbrella, $60000
Dance Umbrella (Applicant Project), $59000
Olivia Chacon (Sponsored Project), $1000
Different Stages Inc. aka Different Stages, $21783
DiverseArts Culture Works, $26000
Ensemble VIII, $10000
Esquina Tango Cultural Society of Austin, $4500
Fluent-Collaborative, $4300
Jennifer Chenoweth (Sponsored Project), $4300
Folklore Y Ritmos De Panama, $5178
Fusebox Austin, $67500
Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin Texas Inc. (The), $16450
Golden Hornet Project Inc, $8959
Great Promise for American Indians, $61400
Center for Performing Arts, $164000
Groundwork Music Project, $14006
Hyde Park Theatre Frontera, $96265
Hyde Park Theatre (Applicant Project), $72500
Capital T Theatre (Sponsored Project), $15165
DA! Theatre Collective (Sponsored Project), $8600
India Fine Arts, $27000
Indian Classical Music Circle of Austin, $18875
Imagine Art, $75000
Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Co., $20826
Knowbility Inc., $20600
La Fenice, $3106
La Pena, $26750
Lannaya aka Lannaya West African Drum and Dance Ensemble, $8804
Latinas Unidas Por El Arte (LUPE Arte), $36950
LUPE Arte (Applicant Project), $26750
Austin Latino Theater Alliance (Sponsored Project), $10200
Latinitas, $4700
Line upon line percussion, $1000
Mexic-Arte Museum, $171274
Mexic-Arte (Applicant Project), $142200
Daniel Llanes (Sponsored Project), $8200
Johnny Degollado (Sponsored Project), $12674
Robert Rodriguez (Sponsored Project), $8200
Mobile Art Program, $9575
Motion Media Arts Center aka The Austin School of Film, $57500
Moving Image Arts & Education, $20050
Musical Connections, $6334
One World Theatre a/k/a One World, $260681
One World (Applicant Project), $150000
Amie Maciszewski (Sponsored Project), $12600
Bob Livingston (Sponsored Project), $13400
C. J. Menge (Sponsored Project), $13400
Emily Dedear-The Love of China (Sponsored Project), $11000
Mohammad Firoozi (Sponsored Project), $13400
Nada Stearns (Sponsored Project), $12200
Oliver Rajamani (Sponsored Project), $13400
Sergey Vashchenko (Sponsored Project), $11800
Sevylla del Mazo (Sponsored Project), $4543
Slobodan Vujisic (Sponsored Project), $4938
Out of Bounds Comedy, $13488
Penfold Theatre Company, $3900
Pollyanna Theatre Company, $35900
Progressive Arts Collective, $29268
Project Abundant Life (Sponsored Project), $2500
Proyecto Teatro (Sponsored Project), $11368
Sight Ain’t Seeing Productions (Sponsored Project), $4400
UpRise! Productions (Sponsored Project), $11000
Public Access Community Television Inc aka Channel Austin, $13798
Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance Inc, $33500
Red Salmon Arts, $14087
River City Pops, $12700
Roy Lozano’s Ballet Folklorico de Tejas, $33300
Rude Mechanicals-a Theatre Collective a/k/a Rude Mechanicals, $75000
Russian Speakers Society of Austin, $4813
Salvage Vanguard Theater, $84784
SVT (Applicant Project), $60000
Church of the Friendly Ghost (Sponsored Project), $9597
Gnap! Theater Projects (Sponsored Project), $9650
Trouble Puppet Theater Company (Sponsored Project), $4537
Jennifer Sherburn (Sponsored Project), $1000
School of Indian Percussion and Music, $3400
Serie Project Inc., $29000
Shady Tree Studios aka Pump Project Art Complex, $51100
South Austin Museum of Popular Culture, $21300
SAMOPC (Applicant Project), $16400
Austin Music Awards (Sponsored Project), $4900
Southwest Key Programs Inc. aka Southwest Key Programs, $15400
Tapestry Dance Company – Visions in Rhythm, $139600
Tapestry Singers, $7300
Teatro Humanidad Cansada, $26000
Teatro Vivo, $18027
Texas Choral Consort, $3450
Texas Early Music Project, $34600
Texas Education Broadcasting Co-Operative Inc., $29850
KOOP Radio (Applicant Project), $25000
Gilka W. Cespedes (Sponsored Project), $4850
Texas Folklife Resources, $70000
Texas Juggling Society, $1000
Texas Music Museum, $10150
Texas Nafas, $12546
Theatre Action Project, $144800
TIPS on Art, $8504
TUTTO Theatre Company, $19150
Vortex Repertory Company, $101221
Vortex (Applicant Project), $65000
Chad Salvata (Sponsored Project), $10200
Epistrophy Arts (Sponsored Project), $9219
Lorella Loftus (Sponsored Project), $9066
Sergio R. Samayoa (Sponsored Project), $7736
VSA arts of Texas, $87364
VSA arts (Applicant Project), $67500
Mindy Moore (Sponsored Project), $8864
Theron Parker (Sponsored Project), $11000
Wax Track Gallery International a/k/a Wax Track Gallery, $7441
Women in Jazz Association, $21116
Writer’s League of Texas, $55000
Zachary Scott Theatre Center, $172250
Zilker Theatre Productions, $67500


Austin Children’s Museum $10,000

Austin Community Steelband $4,700

Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival $5,280

Badgerdog Literary Publishing $6,400

Ballet East Dance Company $9,100

Capitol View Arts $4,100

CHULA League $3,500

Cine las Americas $8,500

Great Promise for American Indians $7,300

Imagine Art $7,600

India Fine Arts $9,100

Lannaya Drum and Dance Ensemble $3,200

Mexic-Arte Museum $10,000

Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance Inc $9,100

Teatro Vivo $5,000