Lake Austin News of Note

September 30, 2013by Brian Talley

Two big developments have popped up recently regarding Lake Austin and those who hold interest in it, such as homeowners and business owners, so we’d like to give you a quick update:

— The Lower Colorado River Authority has nixed (at least temporarily) its idea of dropping the level of Lake Austin due to the drought. (We imagine the huge public outpouring against this option had quite a bit to do with it.) If you’d like more info, read our original blog post on the subject of lowering Lake Austin or the Austin American-Statesman’s follow-up story. But, for now, it seems the steady lake level we all love to love is here to stay.

— A tightly held secret for decades, it has been revealed finally that one of the last undeveloped large tracts of land on Lake Austin (145 acres along a Shepherd Mountain bluff) is owned by … Exxon? Yes, that’s right. Exxon revealed they own the prime property and that they are putting it up for sale. While the land just west of Pennybacker Bridge is appraised at $9.22 million, we expect it will sell for much, much more. Private hilltop home on the lake, anyone?

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