City Council Approves New Lake Austin Dock and Shoreline Regulations

September 12, 2014by Brian Talley

This summer the Austin City Council approved updated regulations for properties along the shoreline of Lake Austin, in an effort to preserve Austin’s prime recreational area and protect the area’s water supply. The changes follow a yearlong Lake Austin taskforce created to address the issues and directly impact homeowners along the shores of Lake Austin.

Lake Austin boat docks

New Boat Dock Regulations

  • Boat docks are limited to a total size of 1,200 square feet.
  • Homes may only have one boat dock.
  • The height of boat docks is limited to 30 feet above the waterline, including accessories.
  • Boat docks must not be enclosed.
  • No more than a. two motorboats may be stored in a boat dock, or no more than b. one motorboat and two personal watercraft, or no more than c. four personal watercraft.
  • Boat slips should be 10 feet wide, 24 feet long, and must have a three-foot walkway.
  • Lots under 70 feet in width may have one 14-foot wide boat dock with one slip.
  • If natural habitat within 25 feet of the shoreline has been disturbed, at least half of it must be restored.
  • Trams are not allowed.
  • Site plans must be approved for structural modifications.

Additionally, some requirements for proving pre-1984 boat docks are in compliance were lifted. Modifications still must meet the new requirements.

The Council also created a Lake Austin overlay district for land within 1,000 feet of the shoreline. The district is designed to curb upzoning, which had allowed homeowners to rezone their properties to less restrictive categories and created inconsistency along the shoreline. According to Community Impact Newspaper, these regulations will create more consistency for future development and modifications. Existing homes not in compliance with the new regulations will not be required to make changes until or unless the footprint of the home is expanded. Read more specifics about the Lake Austin overlay district regulations.

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