Central Austin Sees Decline in Austin ISD Students

February 23, 2016by Brian Talley

Tarrytown schoolsWhile communities like Tarrytown see their children off to close-knit Austin Independent School District schools, the overall enrollment of AISD is dropping as students transfer to Austin’s surrounding districts, such as Eanes ISD and the surrounding suburbs. Austin ISD has had three consecutive years of declining enrollment, losing 3,000 students over those years and 1,200 in the last year alone.

Austin ISD is no longer one of the top five biggest school districts in the state following the declines. Now at sixth biggest in the state, the district’s enrollment stands at 83,591, from the latest reports. AISD’s 1,200 student drop was the largest of any district in the state that serves more than 20,000 students, and the district is projecting continued decline: a loss of 6,140 students over the next 10 years.

Central Austin in particular is expected to lose students, as housing prices continue to rise in the area. Beth Wilson, Austin ISD assistant director for planning services, attributes the “vast majority” of population decrease to housing affordability. “Austin continues to have fewer families living in the central city area, as they migrate to more affordable options outside the city.”