Lake Austin: Common Courtesy and the Law

March 16, 2016by Brian Talley

Lake Austin boatingLake Austin Laws and Regulations: While Lake Austin is a popular location for sporting, boating, and fishing, it is important to remember that most of the shoreline is privately owned. When cruising around, a boater is effectively cruising not just the lake, but the backyards of the residents of Lake Austin.

While common courtesy always applies, there are some City of Austin ordinances in place to protect both homeowners and those using the lake for recreation. Here’s a run-down of those Law Austin laws, as they apply to the Colorado River running through Austin:

– When operating a motorboat, stay to the right, unless it is necessary to proceed otherwise to assist a downed water skier.

– It is illegal to fish from the deck or any portion of a bridge that crosses the Colorado River.

– No diving or jumping off any bridge that crosses the Colorado River.

Lake Austin shoreline homes– Boating speeds must be reasonable and prudent for the circumstances.

– No water balloon guns. Specifically, there is a ban on possessing, operating, or assisting in the use of a device “capable of propelling or launching fluid filled balloons or other projectiles.” This applies on the water and also within 150 yards of the shoreline, when directed toward the water.

– Outside of official swimming areas, no swimming is allowed more than 50 feet from the shoreline.

For information on fishing regulations, visit Texas Parks and Wildlife.