Austin Man Commutes to Work across Lake Austin

June 12, 2017by Brian Talley

When Westlake Dermatology’s Chief Operating Officer Jason Dzubinski discovered inflatable kayaks, he switched his morning commute. Instead of driving four miles from his Westlake home to his office, he began kayaking across Lake Austin and hiking his way in to work, according to a feature piece by Kris Betts on KVUE.

Now, instead of sitting in congested traffic, Dzubinski enjoys the open skies and waters of Lake Austin several times per week and is often greeted on the other side of the shoreline by an older gentleman fishing. Dzubinski said, “Never seen him catch a fish, but it’s just nice,” reported KVUE.

While the commute does take longer, Dzubinski said the change of pace and scenery is better for his health and well-being and also saves him time in the gym. Read the original reporting and view photos and video on KVUE.