Celebrate Summer SOULstice at Lake Austin Spa Resort

May 29, 2018by Brian Talley

The Lake Austin Spa Resort is offering a new series of classes and treatments from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Designed to be invigorating and rejuvenating, the Summer SOULstice programs have a theme of Where Wellness Meets the Water and will draw in the fun-filled memories of summer camp and blend them with fitness, mind-body awareness, and play with purpose.

New features include a Stand Up Paddle dock, named Lake Lotus, and a grassy beach area. Lake Lotus will serve as the home for paddleboard yoga and drift-away mediation on Lake Austin, as well as group yoga experiences that focus on team building and shared meditation. Summer SOULstice also will include aerial yoga. Blending yoga, Pilates, and dance, aerial yoga uses a hammock to help participants move freely and with more flexibility.

Special events include Expressive Arts week, from June 18 to June 24; Just Breathe week, from July 16 to July 23; weekly visits from celebrity hair stylist and Feng Shui hair practitioner Billy Yamaguchi; and Culinary Experience weeks with Johnny Vee, Sara Moulton, and Amir Hajimaleki.

Special treatments include the Austin360 couples’ treatment; Aquatic Craniosacral, which relieves central nervous system tension in the serenity of the Pool Barn; Float Away massage, which targets stress points while floating; Advanced Aquatic Bodywork, which includes therapeutic massage techniques; and Lakehouse Forest Bathing Journey, which utilizes a blend of nature, massage, and scrubbing to soothe the body and soul.

Other activities include wakesurfing and wakeboarding, tubing, shade-tree board games, sundown wine cruises, Lake Me Happy Hour, and Lakeside Fire Pit and S’mores.

Visit Lake Austin Spa Resort for more information.