Austin ISD

Austin ISD serves most of Austin proper and is the fifth largest school district in the state of Texas. The district routinely receives “Academically Acceptable” ratings by TEA, and the student body is comprised of a large diverse group of multiple ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds.

Lake Austin Homes in Austin ISD

eanes-isdEanes ISD

The Eanes school district is one of the most prestigious public school districts in the state, and a large percentage of Eanes teachers hold graduate degrees .  As of the most recent TEA evaluation, 8 out of 9 Eanes schools received an ‘Exemplary” status — the highest honor awarded.

Lake Austin Homes in Eanes ISD

laketravis-isdLake Travis ISD

Lake Travis ISD covers some neighborhoods on the western shores of Lake Austin and received an “Exemplary” status from TEA as of the last evaluation in 2011. This school district is similar in size to Eanes with 8 schools and approximately 7000 students enrolled.

Lake Austin Homes in Lake Travis ISD

leander-isdLeander ISD

Leander ISD is a large school district consisting of 38 schools and over 34,000 students. The district has received a “Recognized” status from TEA as well as having several individual schools with “Exemplary” statuses.

Lake Austin Homes in Leander ISD